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mobile website frequently asked questions

Mobile Website Frequently Asked Questions

What is RG&E mobile website?
RG&E mobile website is optimized for mobile-friendly display on your smartphone for outage reporting, outage listings, account details, view and pay bills, make a payment and more.

How can I access RG&E mobile website?
Customers with smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 4.0+ and Android O/S 2.2+ any model can access RG&E mobile by visiting

While not all web pages will be available in this new mobile format, the full website will still be accessible by smartphones.

What can I access at mobile?
You can access the following:

  • Outage reporting
  • Outage listing
  • Contact us
  • Make a one-time e-Payment
  • Manage Account: Account Details, View Bill with current amount displayed, Enroll in AutoPay, Budget Billing, Seasonal Billing, Send Us Your Meter Reading, Turn On Service, Energy Supply Choice
  • Make a Payment
  • Energy Assistance
  • Services and Assistance
  • Usage and Safety
  • A link to full site for access to pages not available in a mobile-friendly format

Special note:
If you logged into the mobile site and then clicked on the “Full site” link you will need to log in again for access to any secured online services.

Is RG&E mobile website secure?
Yes. We use the latest Internet technology for secure communication.

  • The Company may place "cookies" (bits of information that are stored on your  smartphone’s hard drive) on your smartphone during your visit. This helps us "recognize" your smartphone on future visits. The Company does not use cookies to track your personal web usage, to collect information about your smartphone or to log passwords.
  • 128-bit encryption masks your sensitive information.
  • For additional information, please refer to our Legal Disclaimer.