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Project Opportunities
Capital projects included in our 2017 Capital Investment Plan (CIP) Filing that passed our 2017 NWA Screening Criteria are included below:


 Project Type
(Load Relief/Reliability)

 Need Timing (>=36 Months)

 Cost* (>=$1,000,000)

 Estimated RFP Timing/Status

Station 43 - Replace #3 and #4 Transformer Banks Load Relief & Reliability 2019 $4,500,000 RFP Complete; NWA Solutions Determined Not to be Cost-Effective (see description below)
Station 51 transformer/facilities upgrade and secondary source addition Load Relief 2022 $9,316,000 2018
Station 46 - Replace #1 and #3 Transformer Banks Load Relief 2025 $12,920,000 2018
Station 192 transformer/facilities upgrade Load Relief 2026 $3,440,000 2019
Station 117 - Replace #1 Transformer Bank and convert 3 circuits to 12kV operation Load Relief 2030 $19,100,000


The costs shown here are only those dollars from the filed CIP for calendar years 2017 - 2021. Capital Plan dollars do not in all cases include the full project cost if additional project expenditures are expected in years 6+.

Previous Projects

Station 43
Station 43 Substation, located in our Rochester distribution area, consists of two 6.25 MVA transformer banks, each of which feed three circuits and a total of 6,356 residential and commercial customers. The older transformers have been near or over their nameplate ratings and loss of either transformer places the remaining transformer in an overload situation.  The NWA project to postpone the traditional transformer project was initiated with an RFP in June 2016.  However, after receipt and study of developer proposals, and recognizing the continued increasing load growth at the substation, we determined that the traditional solution was more cost and time-effective, and a NWA solution was no longer pursued.

Upcoming Projects

Station 51 Substation
Station 51 Substation, located north of Rochester in our distribution area, is a reliability improvement project.  The station provides service to customers with significant loading.   If the station transformer were lost the area distribution would not be able to support the load during the summer peak. This project will increase station capacity and develop second source contingency.  We plan to release an RFP requesting NWA solutions for this project in 2018.

Station 46 Substation
Station 46 Substation located in an urban area of Rochester in RG&E’s distribution service area, contains two 6.25 MVA transformer banks on which the loading has reached the upper limits of their nameplate ratings.  The station's six distribution circuits serve approximately 6,356 residential and commercial customers.  Presently, loss of either transformer places the other in a situation where it is loaded well above its rating. The traditional wires project is to replace transformer banks #1 and #3 at Station 46 with two new 34.5-4.16x12.5 kV, 13.4/17.9/22.4 MVA transformer banks.  We plan to release an RFP for NWA solutions in 2018.

Station 192 Substation
Information will be released upon program progression

Station 117 Substation
Information will be released upon program progression

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